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Best Dog Clippers for Thick Hair – Top 3!

Fluffy dogs are the best! They look like toys, are super soft, and extra cuddly. If your dog has a thick coat and if your summers get warm, you’ll need to shave your dog’s coat to keep them from overheating, and shedding all over the house. Some common dogs that need a new summer-do are: Akitas, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Chow Chows, German Shepherds, Newfoundlands, Saint Bernard, Shiba Inus, Siberian Huskies, Poodles and Tibetan Mastiffs.  That’s why we’ve come up with the best dog clippers for thick hair!Best Dog Clippers for Thick Hair

If your dog does have a thick coat, you’ll want to shave them every summer to keep them from overheating or dehydrating throughout the day. Be sure when you do shave your dog that you leave at least an inch of fur on them. Their skin has been shielded from the sun all year long, so immediately exposing it to the harsh summer sun can cause your pooch to get a sunburn.

If your dog has a thick coat but it doesn’t get very hot where you live, you may still need to shave them. Dogs that spend most of their days outside or swimming in the pool can develop a condition called myiasis, which is maggots in their fur (EW!).

Keeping their coats short and groomed will help prevent this from happening to your pup.

How to Pick the Best Dog Clippers for Thick Hair

The best dog clippers for thick hair are durable and have a strong motor. These are the two most important features to look at when picking out dog clippers. Stainless steel blades are the most popular blade material, because they’re resistant to corrosion and are easy to maintain. Ceramic blades are the other popular blade for clippers. Ceramic blades are harder than steel but are more brittle than the stainless steels.

With thick coats, a strong motor is necessary. If your motor isn’t strong enough it won’t actually be able to cut your dog’s coat. You’ll also need to make sure it’s a cool running motor. Not sure what that means? It basically means that the motor won’t get too hot and burn your dog.

Once you’ve found a blade with a steel or ceramic (or both!) blade and a strong motor, you’ll want to start looking at convenience factors. Is it cordless? How long before it needs to be recharged? Is it super loud?

Upmagic Professional Pet Grooming KitBest Dog Clippers for Thick Hair

We love Upmagic because it truly is one of the best dog clippers for thick hair. It comes with a combination blade of stainless steel and ceramic to make a strong, and easy to clean blade. Because it’s stainless steel, it’s resistant to rust and since it combines the strength of ceramic blades it’s more durable than just plain ceramic blades.

The motor is imported from Germany, and is designed to be heavy duty and quiet at the same time. This is perfect for dogs with thick coats that are scared of motors or vacuums. If they can barely hear it, they can’t freak out! Upmagic even claims that you can use this on your pet while they’re sleeping and get away with shaving them.

This clipper is cordless so you don’t have to worry about your dog chewing or ripping the cord out while you’re grooming them. It takes 4 hours for it to be completely charged and can last about 50 minutes before needing to be recharged. To put the icing on the cake, or should we say to put the oil on the blade (get it?), this has an ergonomic handle, which means it’s designed to fit comfortably for both right and left handed humans.

Upmagic Pet Grooming Kit at a Glance:

  • Stainless steel and ceramic blade
  • Powerful motor
  • Quiet Clipping
  • Cordless
  • Ergonomic

Wahl Home Pet Lithium Ion Pro Series Pet ClipperBest Dog Clippers for Thick Hair

The Wahl Lithium Ion Pro series is on our list of best dog clippers for thick hair because it comes with a nice grooming kit, ideal for anyone who has to give their pooch frequent grooming sessions. It comes with a rechargeable clipper, transformer, case, guiding combs, blade guard, cleaning oil and brush – the perfect beginners set!

This clipper is cordless and can last up to 2 hours on a single charge, making it great for home or office use, you know if your office is where you groom pets. It’s self-sharpening and snag free blades mean you won’t have to buy replacements blades for a very long time, as long as you keep them well maintained with the cleaning oil and cleaning brush that come with the clipper.

Wahl Home Pet Lithium Ion Pro Series at a Glance

  • Self-Sharpening Precision Blades
  • 2 Hour Run Time
  • Heavy Duty Motor
  • 5 Year Warranty

Andis ProClip AGC2Best Dog Clippers for Thick Hair

What makes Andis ProClip one of the best clippers for thick hair is it’s “R” shaped edge design that prevents you from accidentally nicking your puppy during grooming time. It has a titanium and ceramic blade that’s tough, keeps sharp, and is rust resistant.

This clipper has a low vibrating and ultra-quiet design. Because it’s so quiet your doggie won’t get scared when it’s time to trim their coat. Unfortunately, these clippers don’t come with oil for the blade so you’ll have to get them yourself. If you’re not sure which to get you can grab some clipper oil from Wahl for $5.

Andis ProClip AGC2 at a Glance:

  • Titanium and ceramic blade
  • Quiet motor
  • Detachable blade
  • Two-Speed Rotary Motor

Picking the best dog clippers for thick hair really only comes down to two main things, blade material and motor speed. A dingy blade and a small motor aren’t going to be able to give your dog’s coat the trimming that it needs.

Once you find a clipper that can withstand your dog’s thick coat, you can start looking at one that feels comfortable for you. The more comfortable you are the less likely you are to accidently cut your dog during the process. Make sure you take care of your blades by cleaning them regularly and adding oil to them.

Does your dog have a thick coat? How do you keep them cool during the hot months? Let us know in the comments below!


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