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Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies

Pitbull’s have a bad reputation in the media, but you know a dog is as good as its owner, and you’re pretty sweet. You love your Pitbull puppy to death and understand that they’re a misunderstood breed of dog. Being an active breed, you’ll see your Pitbull puppy running around the house and wanting to play a lot. It’s important that you’re able to play with them, or at least offer your Pitbull pup the time to burn off some energy. That’s we’ve come up with some of the best chew toys for Pitbull puppies!Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies

Whether it’s through playtime in the backyard or having plenty of toys throughout the house you pup will benefit greatly from time in play. If you don’t provide an outlet for your Pitbull pup’s energy, it’s possible that they’ll begin acting out and chewing on furniture or clothes. To discourage this behavior you need to give your Pitbull puppy lots of fun chewing toys!

Why You Need the Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies

Pitbulls are a strong breed, they’re muscular and have strong jaws, so the best chew toys for Pitbull puppies are going to be durable and entertaining for your dog. Giving your Pitbull a sturdy chew toy can help distract them from chewing on any shoes, clothes, or pieces of furniture. The more toys you have available to your pup the less likely they’ll become bored with the toys and revert back to their destructive behavior. Chew toys offer a way to relieve stress, manage teething pains, and encourage appropriate chewing.

Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies

For Aggressive Chewers

KONG Puppy Original

KONG Puppy Tires

West Paw ZogoFlex
Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies

Even the gentlest, sweetest, most loving Pitbull has strong jaws. While your Pitbull puppy isn’t aggressive towards people, they might be aggressive towards your shoes, the trash, or your kids toy. If you find your Pitbull puppy is constantly chewing through anything it can sink its puppy teeth into, you might have an aggressive chewer. Now don’t start worrying, this is completely normal and happens across as breeds of dogs.

The best chew toys for Pitbull puppies that are aggressive chewers are hands down the Kong Puppy Tires and the Original Kong Puppy Toy. Both of these toys are made of solid rubber, so it’ll be pretty hard for your Pitbull to chew through this.

Another great toy is the ZogoFlex from West Paw Designs.  It’s made in Bozeman, MT from super durable rubber.  We have a few of these for our pup and she loves them.

They’re also stuffable, meaning you can shove in treats or peanut butter to keep your puppy interested. By putting treats in the toys, your puppy will play with this for hours as they try to get the treats out (unless your puppy is a super genius and can get it out in minutes) and while they’re spending that much time chewing on the Kong toys, they won’t be chewing on your furniture or shoes!

If your puppy is a super genius and can get the treats out in a few short minutes, try smearing peanut butter on the inside instead. If that doesn’t work then you might want to consider getting them a rawhide bone to chew on.

For Teething Puppies

KONG Goodie Bone Expawlorer Giraffe
Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies

Just like baby humans, Pitbull puppies will also start teething. Whether you have a teething human, or a teething puppy, the result is the same – they end up being uncomfortable, irritable, and grumpy. Obviously, we don’t want them to feel that way.

With teething babies, you give them a cold, gummy ring to chew/suck on, because the cold helps numb their gums. Well, same goes for teething puppies (See? Having a pet is like having your own kids). The best chew toys for Pitbull puppies that are teething are either freezable or made out of rope.

For a teething chew toy that can be frozen, we’re going back to Kong toys and their Puppy Goodie Bone. It’ll freeze pretty quickly since it’s made out of rubber, comes in two colors: blue and pink, and has an opening for you to put treats in.

We love the EXPAWLORER Giraffe Rope Chew Toy. The first reason we love this toy for teething pup’s is because it’s just sooooo adorable! And if Giraffes aren’t your thing they have an elephant, horse, and lion too. All are freaking adorable. Cuteness aside, these toys are all made out of braided rope, so when your puppy chews on it, their teeth will sink into the rope while the rope starts massaging, and cleaning, their gums!

Just For Fun

Petony Slipper Nylabone Key Ring
Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies

Chew toys don’t always have to serve a purpose, I mean after all, they are toys! They should be fun to play with for you and your little Pitbull puppy. We absolutely adore this rope slipper toy by Petony. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a chew toy shaped like a slipper and made out of rope. Now, I know we said not all toys have to serve a purpose other than being fun, but if you absolutely want the best chew toys for Pitbull puppies then this has to be on your list. The rope is intertwined with dental floss that helps clean your Pitbull’s teeth and freshen their breath while they gnaw away on this rope slipper.

Another chew toy for Pitbull puppies that’s just too cute to pass up is the Nylabone key ring. This toy is made of soft material, so if your Pitbull puppy is an aggressive chewer this isn’t going to be the toy for them. The soft material is ideal for teething puppies who need their gums massaged. Plus, how cute would it be to see your little one walking around with a ring of plastic keys in their mouth?


Pitbull’s are great. They’re cute, loving, and can scare off any bad guy you see and because of that you should get them the best chew toys to reward them for just being awesome. Remember, when you’re picking out a chew toy, try to think of your dog’s chewing habits and whether or not their teething. Depending on your answers, you’ll either want a super durable rubber chew toy or something made out of plastic. And don’t forget chew toys are toys! They’re fun! Buy some that will make you giggle and be a good picture for Instagram.

Do you have a Pitbull puppy? What do you think the best chew toys for Pitbull puppies are? Let us know in the comments below!





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