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Best Dog Bed for German Shepherds

We know you love cuddling with your German Shepherd but you know that means getting hair and dirt all over your couch and bed. Even though you love your pooch to death, you might not want them invading your space when it comes to bed time. Let’s face it, they can real bed hog sometimes! If your dog isn’t allowed on the bed, then it’s time for you to invest in one for them! Any dog bed won’t do for your special doggie; so how do you find the best dog bed for German Shepherds?
Best Dog Bed for German Shepherds

How to Pick the Best Dog Bed for German Shepherds

When picking out a dog bed there are a few things you’ll want to consider first: size, material, if you want a removable cover, and any health conditions your German Shepherd may have.


German Shepherds are a rather large breed of dog, sure they’re no Great Dance, but they still take up a considerable amount of space when they sit on the couch with you. If your German Shepherd is a puppy it’s okay to get a dog bed for an adult German Shepherd, that they’ll grow into it eventually.


The material of the dog bed is just as important for them as it was for you when you bought your mattress. You’ll want something that’s soft and plushy so your German Shepherd can actually feel a difference between the ground and their bed.

The amount of material or material thickness, is another factor you’ll want to consider. Is 1 inch of foam really enough to make a difference in your dog’s sleeping habits?

Removable Covers

Most likely you’re going to want a dog bed with a removable cover. This way it’s super easy to take the cover and toss it in the wash, we try and wash our at least once a month.

If you choose a dog bed that does not have a removable cover and an accident happens, you’ll have to wash the entire thing. If you can even manage to get the whole thing in your washer you’ll end up having to risk damaging the inner material when you run it through the dryer.

Health Conditions

German Shepherds already have sensitive skin, and are prone to bone problems, like hip dysplasia. If your German Shepherd has extra sensitive skin, or allergies, you’ll need to get a dog bed that is hypoallergenic so your dog’s skin doesn’t get irritated by their new bed.

If your German Shepherd has hip dysplasia you’ll need to make sure you buy a bed with a thick foam mattress to keep their joint off the ground.  We’ve got a great article on the Best Beds for Dogs With Hip Dysplasia that showcases some great beds that can really make a difference for your pup.

Best Dog Bed for German Shepherds

PetFusion Dog Bed & LoungeBest Dog Bed for German Shepherds

What makes PetFusion’s dogs bed one of the best dog bed for German Shepherds is its dedication to providing your German Shepherd the ultimate, comfortable experience.

Their dog bed and lounge can hold a German Shepherd that weighs up to 100 pounds comfortably, and has a headrest that wraps around most of the bed, giving them a nice little pillow.

PetFusion Dog Bed & Lounge: Quick Look

  • Made with a solid 4 inches of memory foam. This is especially good for breeds, like German Shepherds, that are prone to developing hip dysplasia or other bone related problems.
  • Equipped with a water resistant cover. No accidents can penetrate this dog bed!
  • Easy to clean! The cover is removable, making washing it as easy as washing your clothes!

This is the best dog bed for German Shepherds who are lounging connoisseurs or older German Shepherds who are experiencing a little joint pain. The memory foam and pillow lounge make this bed ideal for relieving pain and delivering maximum comfort.

The Dog’s BedBest Dog Bed for German Shepherds

The Dog’s Bed takes into consideration your pets and your needs. For your German Shepherd, the dog bed is made of Oxford fabric (the same type of fabric you see gym clothes made out of) with an added coating to make the bed waterproof.If there’s a smudge on your dogs bed, but you don’t want to run the washer, this material makes it easy to do small “spot checks” when necessary.

The main support for this bed comes from the solid foam mattress that is accompanied by a long, removable tube shaped pillow, perfect for relaxing after a long day of barking at the mailman.  The inner pad can be removed for use inside of a kennel or crate as well, giving this bed a leg up on the competition.

The Dog’s Bed: Quick Look

  • Waterproof material for a mess free bed
  • Removable cover makes for easy cleaning
  • Fabric allows for frequent spot checks
  • Comes with a long removable pillow for your German Shepherd to lay their head on

If a sleek design is a must have for your German Shepherds dog bed, then The Dog’s Ped is right for you!

FurHaven Orthopedic Pet BedBest Dog Bed for German Shepherds

FurHaven Orthopedic bed comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and jumbo, but your German Shepherd will only need a large. If they have fury siblings that they’ll share the dog bed with then you can always opt in for the jumbo size.

Unlike the other pet beds mentioned, this one isn’t made of memory foam. Instead it’s made using egg crate foam… but what’s the difference? Well, egg crate foam has bumps and dips which allow it to breathe more and can keep it feeling cooler. Egg crate foam is another alternative foam used to comfort dogs experiencing joint pain.

FurHaven Orthopedic Pet Bed: Quick Look

  • Egg crate foam padding makes the bed tough and means your pup will be comfortable
  • Faux fur fabric provides comfort and aesthetics
  • The Removable and washable cover makes cleaning the bed super easy
  • Water resistant base so if there are any accidents your bed will stay high and dry

If your dog is just looking for a place to lay or if you’re wanting to add a bed to your dog crate, this is the best dog bed for German Shepherds. Unlike the others, this bed has a simple design, comes in tons of different colors and can fit almost anywhere in your house. Because it utilizes egg crate foam instead of memory foam, the bed is going to be a lot cooler for your German Shepherd and easier on your wallet.  With the convenient shape this bed can used inside of a dog crate as well.

The best dog bed for German Shepherds depends on what that German Shepherd’s life style is like. If your German Shepherd has joint pain finding a dog bed that offers multiple levels of support and cushion are going to help your German Shepherd feel better. You can read all about the best dog beds for dogs with hip dysplasia here.

If your German Shepherd is crate trained and sits in a crate while you’re away, getting a simple, cushioned bed with breathable material like an egg crate foam can help make their crate time more comfortable while keeping them cool.










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